Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey Its Cold in Here

Its been a while since I have last checked energy levels were so low I hadn't had a chance to write...glad things are picking up; even had the opportunity to help my wife make dinner the other night so that was nice.

We had our first ultrasound visit with the OB before Thanksgiving; although it was an incredible experience to see our little one moving around and watching the heart beat it was, to say the least UNCOMFORTABLE. First I had to wait for a good 20 minutes and all they had in the waiting room were some outdated People Magazines. I did learn that Willie Ames (Buddy Lembeck) of Charles In Charge fame is getting his life back together. So I am happy for him. Then we go into the examining room and it was just hard to get comfortable: the padding on my chair was not very soft, the doctor didn't really ask how I was feeling, and it was FREEZING! Major draft in here...I mean can I get a blanket or something in here?

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