Thursday, November 12, 2009

That's What Friends Are For

One thing I have learned so far throughout this pregnancy is that everyone wants to chime in and offer their advice. It is difficult to sort through what is valuable and what is not. I have relied on a trusted few when I really needed a question answered; and I am even grateful when those same friends provide some sound unsolicited advice. My wife and I were recently discussing daycare options and how we were fortunate that one of the options we were investigating was near my office and provided formula for infants; thus I would be charged with the responsibility of dropping off and picking up the little one. Word traveled quickly and one of these trusted friends, Neil Ave. Dad, spoke up on my behalf:

"I would like to file an official protest on behalf of I'm Pregnant Too. There is nothing for (his wife) to do if (I'm Pregnant Too) handles drop off and pick up from daycare and they even make all the bottles. Where is the equality in this new venture? I think (his wife) needs to find a way to show special gratitude to I'm Pregnant Too. Note this message does not reflect the views and opinion of my wife, I'm Lazy Too"-Neil Ave. Dad

Thank You Neil Ave. Dad...During a stressful pregnancy, its good to have a friend to lean on-That's What Friends are For.

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  1. I don't understand why you would even need a day care, are you telling me that she honestly expects you to continue working after the baby is born! Doesn't she know that you need at least a year or so off to recover after a pregnancy. Maybe your wife needs to learn how to contribute a little more to the well being of this child. She could easily work a second job to allow you the much needed recovery time!